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Digital art of scuzzy

ScuzzyFox (he/him)

\skə-zē\ or \skə-tsē\

Furry digital artist and maker.

Hello, I'm Scuzzy, welcome to my page! This is my personal website where I post my art, share my goals, and take commissions and sell stuff you might like.

I've been a furry since 2012 and slove this fandom! It's the only thing I can relate to these days and love the creativity, variety, and art within it.


  • Art
  • 3D Printing
  • Coding
  • Electronics
  • Woodworking
  • Casting
  • Photography
  • Making things!
  • Cars
  • Engineering


  • DM's/messages out of the blue!
  • Comments, shares, and interraciton on my art
  • Questions
  • Memes
  • Tutorial/how-to videos
  • Tech
  • Events/Outings with a plan
  • Trans Rights!


  • Aimless messages (e.g. "hello, how are you? I'm good" *end of conversation*). You messaged me hoping to go somewhere with the convo, just get to it! Be bold!
  • Similarly, asking if you can ask a question. Just ask it up front. 😒
  • constantly talking about the same topic.
  • Video/Music spam. I'm not gonna interrupt what I'm doing to look at all the stuff you're sending me smh.
  • Gore, shock content, doom-news.
  • Constant venting. I'm not a therapist.
  • Right-wing anything
  • Complete idiots/stupid people

This Site is a site that I made from the ground-up and is my first, real, full programming project. I've programmed robots and done data analysis before, but never worked on a project this big. This site is built using Svelte/kit on the front end, with mysql and Django on the backend.

Product, merchandise, and commissions will eventally be sold here so keep an eye out in case you find something you like!

If you're curious about the source code, you can see it on my github.


Looking to get in contact with me? Check the contact page